Monday, October 20, 2008

Frightmares 2008

After paying the ridiculous price of parking at Lagoon on Friday night I had 2 dollars left from the ten dollar bill we used and so I put the money in my pocket. Later on while freezing our butts off and waiting in the HOUR long line to get into the haunted house this ensued:
Jas: Do you want some hot chocolate?
Me: Yeh.
He starts to leave the line we're currently in and I yell
Me: Jas!
Jas: yeh.
Me: Here, use this (hand him the extra 2 dollars) then use the debit card for the rest.
Jas: They're not that smart here.

Even though we froze and the lines and number of people there were amazing, it still was a fun night out with my man. Plus, we got to cuddle to keep each other warm in the lines...always fun!! oh yeh, and it's his birthday today. Since, he's too good to read my blog, he won't notice that I'm not going to get all mushy and senstive about how much I love that kid. Happy birthday babe!

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