Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No more bottles!!

Monday, I had the brilliant idea that it was high time Allie had better stop using bottles before all of her 3 and a half teeth rotted, like EVERYONE and their dog told me would happen. So, I took her bottle away for her nap that day, yes, I lie her down with a bottle to have her go to sleep so, sue me! You do what you can to help your sanity as a mother. Anywho, she screamed. She didn't scream too long which is what I was expecting for the nap but come night time after a day full of fraught, my nerve endings were fried and I couldn't take the screaming before bed so I hit the road and took a walk around the block. By the time I got home, she'd given in. However, my night was not full of good sleep. My anxiety of her screaming through the night or for hours on end kept me up. We once tried to get her to stop the bottles during the night and she screamed bloody murder for 3 STRAIGHT hours! Bloody murder screaming people. So, I was really scared, but luckily at 2:30 AM she took a sippy and went straight to sleep. What a relief! But by 5:30 she received another sippy and she is not used to the flow of milk so it kept her awake and she was awake since then. Tuesday, the nap was about the same but according to J, last night she screamed for only a second and then wallah! She took it! And fell asleep. auuuggh! What a relief! Then this morning, again she took it and after a while she fell back asleep. Thank Heavens and Hallelujah!

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