Friday, May 16, 2008

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Remember hearing this? I recently mentioned something about my life list and I thought it'd be fun to actually write it down.
Here are some things I'd like to accomplish before I kick the bucket.
*Actually fly a plane (take off, hold steady, and land it)
*Be a dance teacher - I'm achieving this soon. Hopefully,for more than just one class.
*See our girls get baptized, and go through the temple; and if it's in the cards, seeing them get married. Of course, this includes seeing them being happily married and having grandchildren.
*Continue to have a fun, loving, challenging, and wonderful marriage till our death beds and beyond. Although, I could drop the challenging part after death.

Those things are really the only things, I can think of right now, I would regret not doing and not having seen done by the time I die. But, if I could arrange it...
*I'd honestly love to write, I just know that my motivation is limited and my talent is well, not as good as it could be. I just find such a release, escape, and joy in writing and have enjoyed keeping a journal about every day for the last 13 years or so. I always enjoyed English in school. Then someone HAD read what I wrote.
*Okay, I have a confession. I think I'd like to be famous(for something good)for a second. I think this is all glamorized by all the TV I watch and magazines I read; and the fact that most famous people are rich. Who wouldn't want to be rich? Unfortunately, for some insane reason I tend to like the spotlight. I only like it for a minute though and I feel for those who actually have to live their lives in hiding but, it might be fun to experience it for a second.
*I've often dreamt of owning, operating and directing a dance studio with a rockin sound system (courtesy of my brother)and an amazing stage included alongside the studio. Money, fear of failure, time, and just plain laziness keep this dream just a dream. How awesome would that be though?
*If I could swing it, a helicopter pilot as well. And as long as I'm dreaming, owning my own plane and/or helicopter would NOT be bad either.
I want to see your lists, as outlandish as they may seem..Daren, Darby, Melissa, Erin, Dallin, Sarah, Carly, and Natalie. Email me or publish them if you dare.

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