Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I couldn't resist this photo. She was playing with these this morning and I had to capture the cuteness. Happy Birthday to our litte Allie Babbas! She's officially one today. I can not believe it's been an entire year since she entered our world. She has one little spunky spirit. This little one is driven beyond words. She arrived about 6 weeks early and came out fighting. You do not mess with this child and her food otherwise, there will be hell to pay. Literally. It's funny to see how much her little attitude (understatment) has come to the surface. She's our little angel with an attitude. I make her sound so mean but she just knows what she wants and she knows she has to fight to get it. Anyone with an older sibling knows what I'm talking about. Allie is such a sweet cuddlebug. She hates to be alone and reaches out to those she wants to give a squeeze too. A funny thing about her is she like has feelers in her head or something. Everything new goes straight to the head to try and understand what it is. She'll pick something up, look at it, then touch it to her head. It's pretty funny. She even does this with books. She'll pull the book up over her head to check it out and play with it. :) She loves to put her head on the bed's in our home and loves to cuddle with blankets and put them over her head. I don't understand it but, it pretty funny to watch.

Allie is now crawling all over the place, pulling herself up on anything she can and only has 2 little teeth. She is babbeling and can utter moma & dada. She absolutely LOVES to play in the water and with her sister. They have been best friends since the beginning and like I mentioned before her sister was the only one who could get her to laugh for the longest time. Her rosey cheeks are darling and her blue eyes are captivating and we are so blessed to have our cute little Allie in our lives. I love you babbas and happy happy birthday!!

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