Friday, January 11, 2008

Our little Allie Babba

Our little Allie is now 8 1/2 months old and I took these pictures the day she turned 8 months old. I just wanted to share a little about our little one so far....

She slept though the night at 8 weeks but has since gone back and forth; no night is the same anymore, we never can tell what she'll do. She has no teeth yet, she sits up on her own, loves stuffed animals, still has strawberry blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, says dada but we don't think she has quite made the distinction that dada is her dad, she just babbles at this point. She HATES to have her nose wiped by anyone. She'll wiggle and move her head back and forth and try to never be touched by the tissue but she'll sit completely still if we use the snot sucker. She is a very good baby except when she's sick (who's a lot of fun when they're sick tho?) She's had about 4 ear infections so far - we're looking into tubes for her. Allie is a sweet little girl that knows her grandparents well and lights up when she sees them. She's got my dad completely whipped! I love the way she starts to kick and smile when I come in to her room to get her in the mornings. She's soo happy but I think if I didn't provide food for her, she'd prefer her sister to me. She LOVES Ellyse!! She loves to watch E dance around the house, get in her face, give her toys, talk to her, visit her in her crib, and for a while there Ellyse was the ONLY one to be able to get Allie to laugh. It was so cute to see that!! We love our little angel Allie and our lives have been blessed since her birth.

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Darby said...

She is a cute kid. Ellyse is a great big sister.