Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two ear infections, car broke down, girls night out

So, if you read the above post title, you'll understand why it' s been a while since the last post. All starting Monday, Jason calls me at work and says that his car broke down but luckily right near our home. Poor guy had to push the car all the way home by himself. Why anyone didn't stop to help, I don't know? But, that was the night that E was starting her dance class and she was suppose to get a ride to the class by her daddy but, without a working car, that becomes a little tricky. DA DA DA DA.. grandma to the rescue. Gma D saved the day and we are very grateful for her!! E made it to her 1st ever dance class and loved every minute of it and didn't want to go home. On the way home, all I heard was "can I go back to dance class?" "after we go home, then can I go back to dance class?"

She's been sporting her dance tutu, leotard, and ballet slippers around the house at every opportunity possible. :) Good to see she loves it though!! Dancin's fun!

Needless to say the car situation has been a nightmare for J and Kent and even an old friend of J's, Jeremy. Every night J and K have been out working on it and J's been unable to help with the wee little ones which was lovely as it just so happened that Allie needed some extra special attention too. After several days of trying to interpret intermitent screams, arched backs, and fussiness of the worst kind, desperation set in and I called my mom in nearly tears saying I don't know what is wrong with this kid? We've tried everything! She suggested taking her to the doctor's and I usually hold off for a while before going straight to that answer but two minutes later we were in the car headed to the kidscare in Layton. Which was the 2nd drive to Layton in a 24 hour period just in case you were wondering :) The poor kid had two ear infections. DUH! She wouldn't eat much and every time we layed her down, she'd scream. Yeah, it all makes sense in hind sight but without a fever to warn of impending doom, and incredible luck with our first little one never having an ear infection, I really was in the dark. I got home and J and Kent were like oh, you poor baby and secretly I was hoping they meant me but, alas all the love and concern was for baby Allie. :) Which is good and what it should be but, poor mommies out there know how hard it is to deal with an unconsolable baby so, we feel like we need a little tlc too you know?! .......................Fortunately, I did get some tlc. I got to get out of the house for dinner this week and meet up with the valley girls. We laughed and giggled and reminisced and it really was soo refreshing! Below is a link to a picture of all who were there. Keep in mind, I'm still losing the weight that I've gained through pregnancy. Can't wait till it's off! - Go the post titled "girls night out"


kent said...

i'm just glad D was able to help E and K and J got help from J. Cuz K and J were stuck. Then J showed K and J what to do and K and J got her done. Oh and E helped too, well, kind of. J told E that she could help by staying out of J and K's way. Let's just say E isn't the best at helping that way, but she tried.

Heather, Dan, and Family said...

Wow, what a week. I hope the care and the baby are feeling better soon. :) I am glad you got to have a girls night out. Sometimes that is the best possible medicine.
PS Dance class sounds awesome!