Monday, September 24, 2007

Ellyse's Surgery

On Thursday, the 20th, we took Ellyse down to Primary Children's Hospital for her first surgery. Needless to say, I was a wreck that day. I was soo worried that she'd sneak some food in somewhere and the whole thing would have to be called off or that she'd be screaming for her milkies and or food or just be upset in any way but, she LOVED the jello, sprite, and popsicles she got to eat for breakfast! In fact, she'd probably request that menu if she could. She handled things marvelously!! I was still a wreck. Even as they were pulling her away in the wagon to the O.R. she was telling them about how her and her daddy had just fed crickets to our froggies that morning. I couldn't help but tear up as we watched her being pulled away..such a wuss. But, turns out that she was born with two tubes between her kidney and bladder and they had to reroute both of them to stop her urine from being flushed back up into her kidney. I have to give props to Primary Children's Hospital though! We walked in about 5 minutes early and they had us sit right down, fill out paperwork, wait for like 2-3 minutes and then whisked us away to start the whole process. Lucky for us, they were ahead of schedule and were able to start the procedure about an hour ahead of schedule. So, we were in and out in a hurry. She's done incredibly well recovering! They say kids do. In fact, we were wondering where the day in bed that she was suppose to have went. I'm so glad that there are doctors and surgeons that take the time to learn to do what they know how to do and and so grateful for pain medications and anesthesiology! What a great time we live in to have so many blessings so close and at our disposal! Thanks for all the well wishes and visits and calls in her behalf! We love her and love that others care for her too!

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Darby said...

I'm so glad to hear the surgery went well for little Leesee. She's a tough kid. I think it's okay you were a "wreck." You're a mom, that's what you're supposed to be like when your kids are going under major traumatic experiences. Glad you got through it.