Monday, August 20, 2007

Stupid bug... oh wait..

Saturday, we took advantage of the deal at IHOP of buy 1 get 1 free dinner entree coupon and we were sitting eating our breakfasts for dinner and there was a fly flying around our food. Kent happened to mention something about wishing that the bug wasn't around the food, just in casual conversation but Lesee's ear antenna's picked up that sentence and out came "Stupid bug!" Now, she's already been in time outs, yes plural, JUST for saying stupid. It's just not a word I want her saying yet. She knows that she shouldn't be saying that word
(even though mom and dad say that and several other words we don't want to hear in her vocabulary yet and or ever :) ) So, after she uttered that phrase she earned a long hard stare from me. As we sat starring she could tell it was a you-did-something-wrong stare and she blurted out..."Smart bug!" She'd just used the opposite of the word she's not suppose to use. That darn kid is to smart for her own good. Kent and Jason and I all started laughing out loud too hard and long to make any sort of dent in the fact that she had actually said stupid, so we just let it lay. Later that evening I was in the kitchen putting away grocercies & I noticied that she was talking to our cat, whom we somewhat lovingly call Satan, and I overheard her call Paddy a Smart Cat! With that, I have to agree...... somedays anyway. :)

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Heather, Dan, and Family said...

That's hilarious. She is so smart. We don't like that word at our house either. I hate to hear that word coming out of Grace's mouth, but sometimes it just happens.