Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stupid Ants!

I hate ants!! I hate ants! I hate ants! They are driving me crazy at home! I really need help because the stupid little critters have found out where our cat's food is and have made themselves at home in her dish. YUCK!! That means they're getting into our house and into our kitchen somehow. I have tried Raid on several occassions and even a day or two after killing a whole colony of them, they're back in our back yard. ARRRGGGHH!!! What can I do? Any suggestions? I've heard pouring gasoline in the cracks around your house does the trick does anyone else have solutions for me? I don't want to call in a professional pest control person if I don't have to. Help!!!


Darby said...

Just with the price of gas I wouldn't do it, but then again if it works, it may be worth trying. I don't really have any other suggestions. Good luck!

Brent said...

If you can spray right into their ant hill that will generally help. Just catching them en route only reduces their numbers