Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Solitude! 2017

This year at Solitude, we ended up visiting the Tracy Aviary.  We saw some pretty cool and huge birds!  This guy was born in 1956!  He's massive too!! 10 foot wing span.

These guys have about a 5 foot wing span.

 Eagles are pretty cool!

 Bald eagles are awesome!

These guys had all kinds of toys in their pen.  We tried to get them to play but unfortunatley they don't respond to dog calls.  

 They did get a bit of activity when the pink ladies were around.  Here's a clip.  The pink ladies were a definate highlight!  They were just roaming around with the staff members and we got a bit of a private show for a minute.  Cute girls!!

Here are the pink ladies. They had this adorable little grunt when they wanted a treat from the trainers.  Darling!!


This vulture was all kinds of confident.  He just sat there showing us his belly.  For like a good 5 minutes or so. Several inappropriate jokes were made over why he would not put his wings away and what he was trying to 'show off'.  We'll just leave it at that. 

 It was national vulture appreciation day the day we were there and they had a real pig head on the ground for them to enjoy but they were just ignoring it.  The trainers came in to feed them while we were there and they still wouldn't come down to play.  Perhaps they need to eat alone?

Owls!  Very cool!

 Tess and Jason.  There is a special bond between these two.  She calls him Padre.  At one point, she was just asking gma for her padre over and over.  So stinking cute!

We brought up some minute to win it games and ended up having more fun with the balloons in the pack and play. 

 It truly was pretty dang fun to play with these two and the balloons.

Brit brought up a few crafts for the kids to do. This was our first attempt.  The caption we came up with was 'nailed it!"
Some turned out better than others.

Shanghi Rummy poolside while the kids entertain themselves at the pool?  Yes, please!

The grandpa train!

Tessa wasn't having it!

And finally, we got to spend a lot of quality time with this guy who is spending so much time working and going to school this VERY LAST SEMESTER! So, it was super special quality time together!  He's actually sleeping or resting here with his eyes closed.  Pretty much the only way I can get a picture of him.

Another very successful Solitude trip!!  We sure are spoiled by the Woods!  Thanks again!

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