Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ellyse's 12th birthday!

Our beautiful Lesee Lou turned 12!
First of all, Holy moly she's how old?! Second of all, we couldn't be more proud of who she is turning out to be!

I forgot to bring out the camera for the first family that came over.  My family came earlier in the day then the Wood's came a little later.

 Her obsession with shoes continues. She got 3, count them, 1.2.3 pair of shoes this birthday.

If she could communicate in all emoji's, she would.

The song.

Tessa walked around doing this for a while.  Darling!

Her friend party was The. Best. Party. Ever.  I would have to agree.  It was a fabulous way to hang out with 12 years old girls all day.
Maria Ellyse and Allie all came up with this little knee dance diddy to show all the guests at her party.

It began at Sky Trampoline. The guy was super generous and let them all in for a low low price!

Because we got such a great deal on Sky Trampoline, we went to 7/11 for Slurpees.  We then found a church lawn to stop, eat, and play games on.  This really was super fun!!

Frosting from the bag, straight into the mouth.

Birthday presents on her actual birthday.

We went to dinner and to see Finding Nemo that evening at the AMC.

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