Sunday, July 17, 2016

Allie's 9th birthday

Surprise! She got tumbling equipment for her birthday!  Who would've thought?! ;)

An example of how wonderfully sweet and thoughtful she can be.

The Rich family had a school assignment of organizing a community event.  It just happened to be at our park by our house and it was full of all kinds of fun activities.  It was as if they planned Allie's birthday activity for me.

That evening we went with the Wood's to Classic Fun Center.  The kids had a blast.

Oh dear sweet Allie,  you are such a light to our lives.  You remind us often of how happy we should be in life.  You have your own way to do everything and are continually showing us how talented you are in so many different parts of your life.  We are eternally grateful for you in our lives!  Love, mama and daddy.

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