Thursday, October 22, 2015

Park City Fun Weekend!

Back in January, we attended this event and while there, we were able to score us a killer deal for a hotel for Labor Day weekend!  This hotel had a very ornate entrance with a killer chandelier!
They had three separate pools!  Indoor/outdoor, adults only pool, and an outdoor pool.  It turned out to be a wonderful weekend spent with some of my favorite people!!
We went to a show at the Utah Olympic Park where professional skiiers dove in full on gear into the pool!  It was an incredible show!! 

 The bubbles break the fall for them.

Watch this!

 This guy was climbing the wall.

Oh, and there was a jetted tub in our bedroom. This was the kids fav!

 The free tram ride.  We took a tram ride to a 7/11.  Because it was free.  I wish that I had had my camera out when this gondola came rushing in to the drop off area.  It goes considerable faster once you hit the end of the tram thing there in the background so it's a bit unnevering coming into the drop off area as you are going pretty darn fast.  It slows down to let you off but you should have seen all their faces coming in.  They were pretty freaked out.  We all had a good laugh.

 Labor Day parade.  We got a lot less sway since it wasn't an election year. Figures.
 Some of my very favorite memories are made on these mini vacations with family!  We are super blessed with a fantastic extended family who likes us enough to hang out with us and invite us along on all these adventures!  So many thanks be to the Wood's for all their incredible efforts in spending quality time with their family! Love it!

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