Thursday, October 22, 2015

14th Anniversary

 We found a killer deal and were able to stay in the same room we stayed in the day we got married! On our actual anniversary!  It has a balcony, a waterfall shower, king size comfy bed, comes with breakfast, cheesecake, and sparkling cider and the room was super posh.  Way fun and nice to get away for a hot second.  This was our view from the balcony.

Wouldn't it have been cool if we actually got a picture of us on our anniversary?  Sure would have!

 The next morning we went for a a cemetery.  It was across the street from the University of Utah and some of the head stones were pretty impressive!  We came across a few deer.  

 We caught this guy in a semi provocative pose.  He would NOT move!  He just stood there showing us his perfectly white tail end.  We even kind of wondered if it was statue for a second.

 Remember the impressive headstones?  Yah, they were nothing compared to the mausoleums! 

 Pretty cool school with a pretty cool Olympic torch.
Smart man didn't forget the flowers. ;) Did I mention how cool my man is?

Here's to many many more years!!

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