Friday, April 24, 2015

Roger, Roger!

One Sunday morning the girls were out back playing. Allie came in and said she needed food for a bird.  We were like don't take real food out to a fake pet.  She said it wasn't fake, that a bird was eating out of her hands.  We were like, Allie, we've talked about lying.  She insisted she wasn't lying.  We had to see for ourselves.  Allie doesn't have the best track record for telling the truth.  Sure enough, a bird, a MAGPIE of all the crazy birds there are, was in our backyard, eating out of the girl's hands!  We named him Roger. He was around for that day and the next morning I think he followed the girls to school.  Allie said that her teacher was trying to feed him at school. Hasn't been back since..... I wonder what she fed him?! ;)

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