Friday, April 24, 2015

Easter 2015

Happy Easter! Remember how this holiday is about Jesus' ressurection?  Yeh, you wouldn't think that by looking at these photos.  ;)  Here they are doing the neighborhood Easter egg hunt with their cousins.  - We really do explain the true meaning of this holiday to them.  Candy and egg hunts right?!

The fragrance is the air from all these beautiful things is one of my most favorite things!

Tiff has these giant eggs in her yard.  Cute!!

The Easter Bunny made an appearance after all.

The Wood's gave the girls some darling new dresses and some toys.

We celebrated Easter a week early at my parent's home this year.  They each got a basket full of the most important things in the world..... candy and toys and more candy!  Seriously though, we do teach them about the Resurrection.  

WAX LIPS!? Brings back so many memories!!

All videos from here on out.  The first one I tried my hand at Imovie.  Pretty fun! We had Jax this year for Easter.

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