Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Fun?

I hesitate to call it fun when it's freezing outside.  I'm very much a warm weather type of person!  However, here are a few 'funner' winter scenes.
 Remember when it snowed in Utah?  Good times.

Thanks to Martin Luther King Jr and his dream, we were able to walk on water!  Heading home from my parent's, the girls and I were talking about all the ice fishers out on Pineview.  I thought.  Hey.  We have time.  We're together. The ice is sufficiently frozen.  Let's go walk on the water!!

Side note: 
 It's kind of mind boggling to me that in all my 21 years living in the O Valley,  it wasn't until my 20th year that I finally headed out on the frozen lake, with my then boyfriend, on the Millennial New Year's Eve, with fireworks going off all around the valley.  I was hoping for our first kiss but it didn't happen then.  Boo!  Would've made a heck of a story though right?  

Any who, it was exhilarating (being on the ice) and I wanted my girls to experience this little adrenaline rush.  I think I'm sort of a junkie sometimes.  Allie was totally up for it and Ellyse was like NO! NO! NO MOM! NOOOOOOO!  I dragged her along anyway and guess what?!  She loved it.  See what happens when you bully your kids into doing things?

They loved being able to see down in the holes.  We didn't have coats on us so we made use of the blankets in the car.  Viola!

 This would be one awesome sledding hill!
 I accidentally started taking like a hundred photo's somehow and some of them didn't turn out too bad.  So, I tried taking some more.  Who knows, may be a career in photography is in my future?  

 Nah, probably not. ;)

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