Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween, 2nd half of October 2013

We attended a Halloween party of sorts around Tony's (Which sadly, had an oven fire), and Burchcreek mercantile.  They had a costume contest and Allie won 5th place.  Ellyse was a black lace vampiress.  I made the costume, thought it turned out pretty good but Ellyse said to Allie, 'Next year, I get the costume that you buy and Allie has to wear the one you make mom.'  :)

Here's a little diddy of a video that shows off a hidden talent we discovered this month in our pup.
And one more. Please disreguard the messy room.
The girls celebrated their drug free (spirit) week with hat day and crazy hair day.  I'm terribly baised but aren't they cute girls?!

We attended the Zombie Crawl down 25th Street and also a carnival at Union Station one Saturday evening, then on the following Monday, they had a pumpkin carving contest.  Here are a few of our favorites.

My parent's house saw it's first snow storm of this season.
Isn't this the picture of beauty?
Our ward had it's annual Halloween Carnival/dinner. They held it on the day before Halloween.  This was a big day for our family.  We planned, decorated, and cleaned up the spook alley,  Jason hosted a carnival game, did all our costumes and makeup and dumb me, I signed up to bring soup too.   The 30th and 31st were whirlwind days!  However, I did win the costume contest.  Hey Oh!
School Costume Parade.  I've heard a lot of schools have gotten rid of this tradition.  I'm glad they still do it at our kid's school.  We have Carl from Up, Minnie Mouse, about 45 witches, and a slew of little kids costumes that I couldn't quite figure out.
Ellyse did her own makeup pretty much all by herself on Halloween.  I attempted it on the 30th and she knocked it out of the park.  My makeup job wasn't nearly as good as hers.  I guess all the makeup videos she's been viewing on youtube paid off. 

Ellyse's teacher is Minnie.  She seems like so much fun!!

Our tradition is to go trick or treating around our neighborhood, then go to Diane's for dinner in a pumpkin and then trick or treat around Diane's house.  We stop in a few of our favorite homes for a short visit.
We also take pictures, obviously.  Below you will find Cruella Devil, a seventies rocker, ape man, dude from the band Kiss, Vampire, Monster High doll- Lagoona Blue, and Captain America.

check out the impressive wing span on ape man. And the impressive height on the dude from Kiss.

Here's a video of a fun house we found in Clinton.  Hope your Halloween/October was fantastic!

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