Friday, May 10, 2013

Allie's now 6! Cue the applause!

It finally happened!  After hearing about her birthday for oh, the last say 12 months, it was finally time to celebrate it!

This is what a 6 year old looks like.   Allie's been kind of bothered that she still looks like a 5 year old.
Even though she had an AWESOME 6th birthday party!  Where we left the house and took friends and everything.

We even got to go to a 'special place' for her birthday.

 Where we had loads of fun.

We got to play so many games.


And ride all kinds of rides.

She even got to open some pretty stellar birthday gifts too.

It's just a shame she didn't wake on her birthday to a different looking body.  She just has the hardest life.

The family party
 Allie wanted a doughnut cake this year.  Easy enough!

 From mom and dad.
 Birthday banner.
And finally, the yearly tradition of streamers on your door when you wake up.

We've had a lot of fun riding our bikes!!

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