Thursday, May 23, 2013

A little getaway.

Last Saturday, BYU hosted an event called ASTROfest.  I caught wind of it and decided it was a perfect little getaway for our family.  They had all sorts of fun things to do.  Plus, it was all free!!

Playing with magnets.
 In front of Andromeda, waiting for the planetarium show.
 The planetarium show.  Of course, as soon as the lights turned off, Allie freaked out.  Even though we just sat there and she was in my lap.  Silly girl!
 Making our paper rockets that they shot up with an air compressor.  Way cool!
 'prentending' to walk like astronauts.

 BYU, I gotta hand it to you.  I'm still a loyal Ute fan, (GO UTES!) but your campus is awfully beautiful!  I thought the science building was beyond amazing, and you have an amazing background of stunning mountains dotted with steep cliffs and jagged rocks.  I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere while we were there.  Although, we did have to represent....Jason donned his UTE shirt.  Funny story, when we asked for directions to the Wilkinson Center, from a BYU student, we sure had to take a looooong walk to get there.  A little revengeful much?  Probably, just us UTE fans too dumb to figure it out huh?!  Either way, we found it.
 Will you look at those mountains?!  Gorgeous! 

We took a little detour around the MTC and it suddenly became crystal clear why Jason hates Provo so much.
 What's a getaway with kids without a little hotel pool time?  Did I say a little?  Scratch that.  We were there for hours.  These kids love them some pool time!

We brought dive sticks and so this is a lot of what they would do in the pool.  This particular shot was one of Ellyse's triumphant moments.  She was in the deeper part of the pool and tried and tried to retrieve the dive stick 'way down there' and finally after much travail, succeeded!

We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner and it has officially become the. best. place. ever! for Ellyse.  As soon as we got there, we had called ahead so pretty much no waiting time, then we got an appetizer and drinks right away so no waiting for food, plus coloring and games in the kids menu, then applesauce in the. cutest.cups.ever.  We didn't have to wait long at all for our main course and then to top it all off, ice cream was included in their meals.  They were sold!  It was a really nice evening out!!

Came across a novelty shop with some fun things to check out.

  I'm definitely going to have to plan more of these little getaways!

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