Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wood Family Christmas Party...more traditions!

Every December, our big extended family gathers at WSU bowling lanes.  We rent out the entire place and bowl and eat dinner there.  Then we head to a church and play white elephant games until Santa Claus decides to show up. The adults and the children each have their own white elephant games and while we play, the story of the little star is read. Erin was a "guest reader" this year as grandma Grace was unable to be with us.
This year, mammy and Erin added a little something new to the "little people's" white elephant game.  Before the game, they all did the hockey pockey!  I noticed that Ellyse is getting a little too old for the kids version .  Next year, she'll have to join the adult version, but I think she might just be sad she'll have to miss out on the hockey pockey in the years to come. ;)

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