Friday, July 13, 2012

A Talent?

Me: Ellyse, would you like to take soccer lessons?
Ellyse: NO!
Me: Ellyse, would you like to try t-ball?
Ellyse: uh uh.
Me: How about tai-kwan-do?  Your friend is in that.  That might be fun.
E: Nope.
ME: Let's sign you up for tumbling.
E: No.  There's a guy teacher.
Me: It's time to get ready for dance.  Let's get going.
E: Can I stay home this week?
Me: *&#%. 

We take the kids ice skating for fun one Saturday night and find out there are lessons available there. It's a very reasonable price so I ask and she happily agrees!  :)

E: Mom, when do I start ice skating?
Me: Today at 5:45.
E: that's a long time to wait.
Ellyse is in all black against the wall because she finished earlier than some other students in her class.  This is her 2nd time skating and she's soo good!

Me: couldn't be prouder!!

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Mark said...

Good for you Ellyse. Keep doing your best.