Thursday, July 5, 2012

Manti Pageant

Last weekend I, along with all our young women, got to ride this bad boy down to Manti for the Mormon miracle pageant.

We got a screaming deal on the bus and so we were able to all pile in there and head down together. What a great way to build relationships rather than be seperated for 3 hours in different cars! It was a lot of fun and the pageant was really neat! I was really impressed with so many different things in the show! It was my first time ever seeing it so everything was new and amazing.

They didn't allow photos of the pageant, but I snuck the one above in was seconds before it ended.  This is depicting Joseph Smith (lower left side) in the grove as well as the reunion we can look forward to in heaven (slightly off center to the right) with our families.  I kept thinking how crazy good they have used all the surroundings during the show.  They used the temple grounds and the actual temple as well as the surrounding grounds and stairs.  It was like all of the temple grounds were constructed for this show.
There were fires surrounding the valley of Manti.  The smoke from the SanPete fire is what you can see above.  There were no clouds, just smoke is all.  The smoke caused the sun to set about a 1/2 hour earlier than it should have normally set. 
At the actual sunsetting, it was quite a dramatic looking scene!

Here are some of our cute girls!  I'm totally blown away by how wonderful these girls are!!

We got a chance to go boating the next day after camping on the YW's president's sister's lawn.  It was a blast!!  I got whiplash from tubing.  Twice.  And may have cracked a rib.  But all in the name of fun and boating!!!

There are more pictures here:  if you're interested.
Very fun weekend!!

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