Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter Photo's

I noticed how many Easter photo's I had, but had not published. If I ever intend to make a book out of this blog, I'd like photo's instead of videos so, here goes....

Easter Egg dying.  This year was a poor excuse for egg dying.  First of all I cooked the eggs waay too early so the girls just had to sit and watch the eggs in the fridge till we actually took the time to do it.  Then I accidentally dropped the container holding all the hard boiled eggs...cracking them. So, I had to peel most of them before dying them. Then the dyes wouldn't really stay on the peeled eggs that well.  So yeah.  I guess  long as they got to dye eggs right??? Right?

 I guess they turned out kind of cool.  All tye dyed looking.
 The Easter Egg hunt for a neighboring city.  We had to run to get there in time.  We had a funeral afterwards so we were all huffing it in dress clothes.  People must of thought the crazies had finally arrived.   Proved to myself I could run in heels at least.

 The Baskets
 Up to my mom's.
 The hunt!

 The girl cousins that were there.
 With the grandparents.
 Jason's poor attempt at a family photo opp.  I told him just because he pulled a face, I was publishing that one!  Can you feel the love?
It was a great and fun day!  Happy Easter!

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