Friday, March 23, 2012

Something a little different...

Last night I was able to participate in a different experience, especially living here in Utah.  I got to be part of a select group of people to try out a workout by one of the producers or behind the scenes trainer (???) of the Biggest Loser!  We also met the man who produced "The Sandlot" and some other movies. 

My friend Tiffany is invovled with Isagenix and her team was invited and they were told to bring some friends.  She takes my dance class and spread the invitation to us. 

It was basically a sales pitch for this new exersice DVD series coming out by Body Bare.  The DVD is called BIOHIIT.  Which stands for Biofeedback Hight Intesity Interval Training.  We got to exercise with that Biggest Loser trainer for about 20-30 minutes and it was a lot of fun!  I was dripping sweat by the end but, then again, I sweat like a pig so that doesn't give you a proper perspective of how hard it was.  It was a bit like the Insanity workouts from what I hear.  Hit it hard and fast and then rest etc.

They had camera's on the scene and took a lot of footage.  I was on the front row so who knows, perhaps I will make it onto their infomercial or something... It was a fun, different activity that was exciting to be a part of.

They are having a contest where you can win airfare and hotel accomodations to LA to film another DVD with them.  There will be 18 finalists chosen in the body transformation contest. Go here for more info:

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Andrea said...

fame! fortune! if you get in i'm buying it!!