Friday, February 10, 2012

Over the mountains, through the plains, over the CANYON to Twin Falls we go..

Our really Good friends were finally able to get together with us recently. They usually head down our way so we headed up their way instead.  We had never been up there before so it was an adventure that my wanderlust needed to fulfill.   We headed up there on a Friday afternoon and it took about 3 hours to finally arrive in T.F.  Especially since we missed the first turn off and had to backtrack a bit. :)

We all had an incredible amount of fun!!

 All of their girls with all of our girls equated to late bedtimes, early mornings, girly screams, oodles of make up, and lots of dress up.
 The four older girls all got to sleep in a tent in the basement which was pure delight for them and hopeless attempts to get them to shut up from us.

                                        We all needed a good rest by the time we got home.

 They got some tunes started and little purple jammies went to town!! She was the life of the show. She wiggled, jiggled, and turned upside down. We were all thouroughly enjoying our free "show."

A piece rendering how much fun they were having. 

 Here is "downtown" T.F.  It was a cute little street.  I found some treasures at one of the two or three thrift shops just on this little ally.  I guess thrifting is big in T.F???

We got to go out one night with just the adults. They took us to visit the large gorge there in town.  It was so remarkable and beautiful! You have to pass over the CANYON (see comments) to get into town but we didn't know it was even there because it was dark when we arrived.   I wanted to snap photo's but it was too dark by then.

We hit up their happening mall and got some yummy ice cream to boot!  Also, Jason and I got our first taste of johnny Carinos restaurant that evening.  It was delish!!  Soo, soo much fun!  We are much abliged to our dear friends!  Can't wait till we can get together again!


Andrea said...

how fun for your fam!!! love the hair-dos! is this new? where have i been... anyway, love seeing your little fam. that pict of you looks gorgeous btw! nice brows!

Kathleen said...

Too bad you bailed on Vegas. We'll have to get a rain check on that one!

Kathleen said...

Kent said that.
I say this:
It was so much our pleasure! Thanks for making the trip up. We had a lot of fun. I laughed through out your post. You got some good air shots.
You silly Utah people keep calling the "canyon" the "gorge." Let's work on getting that right. =)
We sure enjoy your company. I look forward to our next get together.

julie said...

Ohhh, okay. Now I get it. :) I will change it. :-)

Thanks Ray!!