Monday, January 30, 2012

December 2011

 Finally getting around to some pictures from last month.  This was for my mom's birthday celebration at her home.  It was such a fun evening! She even said she thought it was one of her favorite birthdays!! 

 Ellyse lost one front tooth on a Friday night and then the following Monday, lost the other one too!  Just in time for Christmas!  Yep, we sang the song! Over and over. :)
 Here's Allie just needing some camera love.
 About 1/2 way through December, we get to go eat breakfast with Santa Claus and receive presents from him.  Allie and Ellyse both got Pucci Pups and Horses and Allie kept saying. "I'm so happy!" :)

 What beauties!  If I do say so myself! :)
 This was the first year Jason was able to come with us to the breakfast.  It was nice to have him there.
 Now, onto the Cowles family Christmas party.  Every year we go bowling and then go to a church and play some white elephant games in hopes that a certain somebody will show up.  The below picture is a portrayal of what I like to call...Juxtaposition. 
 Ellyse didn't seem to like her white elephant.....but below, you can see she got her smiles back when Mr. C came along.

 Christmas Eve was already displayed in an earlier post but this one wasn't with the other photos. After partying hard all day, we go to Wood's home and open those gifts.  I swear Christmas is pretty much a let down compared with Christmas Eve.

 Grandma D, Grandpa B, and Sammy.
 This was cute, they did hug without me telling them to but of course, I wasn't manning the camera at the time so I made them do it again.  :)
 Allie's Loot.
Ellyse's Loot.

And there we go, only a few weeks behind. :)

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