Monday, August 8, 2011

24th of July. Retro Post.

The 24th of July was on a Monday this year. Dad had to work so we had ourselves a little girly time together. We went to the parade in town but then had to get in the car and book it to the other end of the parade because the last three entries were going by as we got to the first stop. I swear, in years past, it's been at least an hour and a half long parade. So, I was thinking we'd be okay in being 50 minutes late. But we still had to do some rearranging in order to see the last oh, 10-14 entries.
(Ellyse got 3 mosquito bites around her eye the night before and they swelled up. Poor thing. I sprayed bug spray everywhere but her face :( )

Aannnywho, after that was over, we headed to the Junction and looked around. We tried to see if anyone was doing the ifly but no. We ended up watching a surfing competition thing at the flowrider. It was actually pretty cool. Some dude did a back flip, and landed it, on the surf board. Pretty impressive.

At the parade we got handed a coupon for BOGO movie at the cheapy theatre so we drove by there and decided to go and see a movie. I scored a sweet deal by using some old coupons from E's school reading program and got us lunch for a buck! Sweet!

That night we ended things off with "Cul-de-sac of fire!" at the Read's with a BBQ and games and fireworks. Way fun day with my girls and fun with the whole fam that night.

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