Monday, May 2, 2011

Reflections Contest 2011

Back in the winter, (I just uploaded a bunch of photos that were on my real camera recently and am catching up.) Ellyse got a Merit award for her 3D picture that she submitted. The idea had to be hers as well as the work so we were happy with the results. The theme was Together we can... and she chose to do a picture of a sheep with the caption of Together we can go to the farm.

If daddy had his way, - which he almost did - she would've been doing a "Together we can defeat the Zombie Apocalypse" paper with toothpicks used as Zombie arms sticking out of the page. You guys, the man is obsessed with Halloween. OBSESSED!

Here are all the participants. I was surprised at how many didn't participate. Ellyse is the middle looking down.

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Andrea said...

oh reflections!!! man that brings back memories!