Thursday, March 3, 2011

My birthday, aka Jason being a superhero post.

Birthday's are BIG for me. I seriously LOVE my birthday's because I've been spoiled my whole life with great over the top ones and now, I make sure that every year I make plans and drop rather obvious hints about what I'd like to happen.

I'm just very blessed to have loved ones who care enough to listen to my whines and help me have great birthdays! Jason is getting excellent at this! He knows how much my birthday means to me and makes me feel special each and every year! This year was no exception.

I asked Jason to plan an adventurous date for both of us with the money he would have used on gifts. I gave him some ideas but for the most part, I told him I wanted to know nothing of what we were going to do. (Honestly, the surprise of it all was the funnest!)So, this is what he came up with.
It started with taking the kiddo's to the grandparent's home for the night (thanks so much to the W's for their help!) Then we headed toward Salt Lake. He had booked a room at a nice Inn in Salt Lake that turned out to be one of the most amazing Inn's I've ever stayed at!

After checking in and eating yummy warm cookies they had for us, we headed to dinner. I had a choice of 2 resturants and I chose Buca Di Peppa. That's a really fun place to eat. It has a great atmosphere. Our waitor on the other hand, not so much. He was a chatter and kept forgetting things. Anywho, it was just super nice to be out with the man I love and not have little people about 4 feet high telling us what the other one has done to the other to make them cry.
We ordered this.

We had to hit the local grocery store for Jason's favorite drink, Mt Dew Live Wire. They don't carry it up past about Farmington for some stupid reason so he stocks up whenever we're down there.
Then we headed here.

It was soo much fun to put on ice skates again and go in circles with the teenie boppers! Jason fell twice, that was fun to watch. :) He was trying to learn how to stop without using the edge of the rink. I found out the hard way that ice skates hurt your ankles without thick socks. Still so much fun to be a little active and have fun!
We then headed here.

We never knew that the Cheesecake factory was as hot of a spot as it is. We were there at about 9:30 and there was still a 20 minute wait to be seated.
We decided to take a slice of one of those bad boys back to our room. It was delish!

The next day we had a yummy complimentary buffet breakfast at the Inn before heading home where Jason made not 1
not 2
but 3 seperate birthday cakes/cupcakes with homemade frosting. I'm telling you guys, I don't know how I scored this guy. It was amazing frosting and my mom has even asked Jason for his recipe.

My parents had us up for dinner. It's always fun to hang out up there. The kids got to play in the foot of fresh new snow. I even got to have my brother and s-i-law and their family up with us. We had a great time!

The next day, I was able to go shopping with my mom all day. I love this part of my birthday! It's so fun to just hang with my mom and not do anything but shop and talk all day.

Thanks soooooo much to all of you for your birthday wishes and all the effort that was put into making it such a special day, once again, for me this year!


Lisa said...

Super fun!!!

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday!!! I am so happy it was so great for you, and that you have such a wonderful man too!

Natalie said...

OK, your birthday sounds awesome. I think this year was the worst birthday ever since we were either snowed in or my family was sick, sick, sick. Glad you had a fun night in Salt Lake. That Jason is quite a guy.

Andrea said...

Oo la la!!! Happy birthday!! Sounds like it was fabulous!!