Thursday, February 3, 2011

Da Jazz

Friday night we were able to attend the Jazz game. We haven't been to one together in over a year and some, which for us, is a very long time. Jason used to be a die hard fan. We used to go to several games a year but not so much now. I guess he lost that lovin feeling.

We were on the very back row so we were able to get into the top area with the windows surrounding it. I took this picture there.

Anywho, we went and I'm not even sure who we played. We were very distracted. At first it was annoying, then it became pretty funny. I'm talking about the drunk dudes in their 30's in front of us making fools outta themselves. I swear, we always sit by the drunkards. Either in front of them or in back of them. I definitely prefer sitting behind them because then you get a front row seat to their madness. Plus, you avoid getting bear spilled all over you or your stuff. This has happened to us before.

So, guess who loves you? Me, silly. I brought the camera and documented them just for this here blog. So, now you get to enjoy their madness too. You're welcome.

Mr. Williams kept turning around and giving us high 5's, shouting nonsense and cheering for South Summit because a couple of rows up there were some kids wearing South Summit shirts. SOUTH SUMMIT RULES!!! We'd hear this all the time. Soon after this, we were enthusiastically invited to the after party at the dude sitting next to Williams house, in Syracuse. Williams asked us where we were from, Jason replied, Syracuse. William's shock was evident on his face. YOU SERIOUS?? Then shouts of SYRACUSE! started. A shot was made.... SYRACUSE! Something amused them....SYRACUSE! This soon became the tag line for the night for all of us.
Soon he was yelling at somebody who was apparently making out at the game and telling us that you're not suppose to make out at the game. Jason then added, that that was for the after party. Dude was all...YEAH!!!

We won. Broke a six game losing streak. Oh, and we also saw Mr. Utah McSteamy....Matt Harpring. We tried to get closer but the guards weren't being nice. I think he may have glanced at me. Be still my heart!

Thanks for making it funner, drunkards!

Go Jazz!



Kathleen said...

Why in the world would you wait over a year to do that again?
It really does look like fun. I haven't been to a game since I was little (and it was the Pheonix Sun's 'cause my family's from Arizona). Hopefully we can still be friends =)
My e-mail is

Heslop said...

HAHA! They sure are entertaining arnt they!