Thursday, December 16, 2010

What the Dickens?

Edit: I pushed publish and then worked on this post more afterwards so you may want to relook at the post to see if you missed anything.

I guess this used to be somewhat of a Wood family Christmas tradition years ago before I even knew Jason and then the organizers of the festival took it away from SLC. This year they brought it back and we went to see what all the fuss was about. Warning.... My camera was my bff that night so beware, lots of photos to follow. Free Brass Rub Drawing. Mr. Marley A Spirited Chap. Horse drawn carriage rides. These guys were so wonderful with the girls. I even told them they should hire out as babysitters they were that good. The girl took me seriously and asked where I was from to see if she could or not. Allie and Ellyse played with this thing for a very long time and as you can see by A's face, it was totally boring. We all had a great time, minus Allie's reaction to the 20 foot tall Ghosts of Christmas' walking around. I fear her Christmas' to come may be slightly ruined as a result. I guess we'll have to pay the counseling fees when she's older. Check out some of the cool things we found there. You may want to turn your speakers off before enjoying this video. This stuff is called Magic Snow and it's really cool. You'll also get to hear an annoying screaming person on the ride. Doesn't that make you want to watch this?
We had so much fun! Thanks for the fun evening out Woods!!

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Andrea said...

How fun! I've never heard of this event!