Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our first visit...

from the toothfairy was on Monday night, the 11th. As Ellyse sat down to do homework that evening Allie asked if she could see her loose tooth. Ellyse obliged and Allie did what Allie does and made it bleed. Ellyse said to stop it and I caught a glimpse of the blood. Knowing how a loose tooth worked I asked if I could see it as well. I put my finger on it and gently (seriously) pulled it out. Allie had done most of the dirty work for me. I guess having a little one to blame bad stuff on has it's benefits. :) It shocked her a bit and then came the jubilation of losing her first tooth. It was a really bittersweet moment for me. Some parents cry when their child goes off to pre school or kindergarten. Nope, not me. I get all sappy when they lose their first tooth. I guess it was a reminder to me that she's growing up and that this little thing came from my baby, my first baby. Hang on.. got to get it together.....okay, I'm alright....anyway, the size of it being so incredibly tiny made me remember how small Ellyse was when she was born and well, everyone's a boob when it comes to some things right? I guess my moments have to deal with teeth. :)

Toothfairy's rich man, she left a whole dollar for that thing.

Nevermind all the painstaking hours of nurturing it took to grow that thing. Listening to the whines and moans from it hurting little Ellyse and money spent to pay for the medicine to relive the pain. Toothpaste and brushes to clean and floss them plus dentist visits on top. Toothfairy just thought.. yep, dollar oughta cover it.

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Lisa said...

I remember holding this tiny little girl when she was about 3 days old!!! Now she is losing teeth? Wait until she gets baptized-that really throws a mom in a quandry!