Thursday, September 23, 2010

One of my favorite days

It's been a few weeks since we went there but oh man, it was such a blast this year! Mostly because now Lagoon offers rides that the little ones like, that the parents can ride too. Makes a big difference when you get to ride instead of just watch your little ones have all the fun. The view from the Sky Coaster. What a boring ride. :)

The. Absolute. Hit. Of. The. Day. Bumper Cars! I think they rode it about 6 different times. It was funny too because the kids would always get stuck in the corner and not turn their wheel. The guy operating the ride kept saying "turn your wheel" over and over and over and over and over and over. Yeh. Like, that annoying too! I have a video of it, I'll have to post it later.
I think this might have to be one of my favorite photos of all time. We were all on the Tidal Wave. We missed out on the closest row to the middle too so it was a bit much for Allie. Ellyse loved it. I think the exact words of Allie were "I never want to go on that ride. Ever. Again!"
We stayed there for about 8 hours one Saturday. Jason had a bad back that day too and man, he totally pulled it out of the hat for us to stay that long. So, so, so much fun! It was truly one of the funnest days I've had with my little family!

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Kent said...

Looks Fun! We went to a fair with LAME rides and i was telling Kathleen how we need to plan a lagoon day. Now we HAVE to!