Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sheep Creek Geological Loop

On our way home from the Red Canyon Lodge in Flaming Gorge, instead of taking the beeline to our cabin, we chose to take the Sheep Creek Geological Loop. We'd passed this loop several times before in our travels back and forth but oh man, we were totally missing out!! They should've had a sign out on the road saying. 'TURN RIGHT HERE, YOU IDIOT!'

We actually came into the loop backwards so this is the sign we saw first. Whoops. (I think it was prettier this way anyhow.)

So, you're traveling along in beautiful scenery nothing out of the ordinary for north eastern Utah. It was a few miles in and we took curve after curve looking initially for mountain goats or sheep. Our disappointment in not seeing any wildlife quickly went out the window when we came around yet another curve and saw this.

These cliffs were all straight up. Vertical. Erect. Perpendicular to the road. We're talking professional rock climbers would be shivering in their timbers, straight up. Crazy beautiful!

We also got quite the view with this group of mountains together. Can you see the curvature of the mountain?

May be this will help.

Looks like bacon don't you think?

Mmmmmm, bacon.


CRA-ZY huh? Can you even begin to imagine what kind of geological things had to take place here in order for rock to bend under it's pressure?

Jason and I almost got divorced just so we could get remarried right here.
It's funny because you go down the road for about 30 seconds and you get out of your car and snap a photo.

And then you go another 30 seconds with your head out the window looking like a dog who's just been given the right to go on a car ride, and are all. 'LOOK! LOOK AT ME! I'M ON A CAR RIDE! I HAVE THE WIND IN MY FACE JUST BECAUSE I CAN.' Except it's because you don't want to miss anything. And you have to stop again to snap another photo.

Then at the end/beginning you get to see this giant rock sticking straight up out of the Earth. The girls thought it was a castle. Figures. Just about as pretty, don't you think?

Never before have I wanted to be a Geologist so much in my life.

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