Friday, July 9, 2010

Indian Trail Hike

We made it up to Indian trail this year. Sooo beautiful! E and A came with us this time and E was such a trooper! Always the leader of the pack and way ahead of us most of the time......until she fell....twice. Then it became I hate this mountain! Why did we have to go up this mountain? This is the worst mountain EVER. I'm never going up this mountain ever. again. (hee, hee) We had to let her know that we don't just give up when we fall down. We pick ourselves up and get right back at it. She didn't really like hearing that. But how could she not get back up this mountain? Check out how beautiful it is.

Jason spotted quite a few critters around. We were able to catch a couple on camera. They scare easy so I used the shadow of my finger to point to him. See.

Then, when we got to the bottom again and thought all was well, we came across this guy.

We looked at him, he stared at us. We looked for an owner, nope. We began to panic a bit. He kept staring. We rethought our path. Then, thankfully the owner started talking to him. OH thank heavens.. we seriously thought it was a wolf for a minute. Nothing like that to get your to your target heart rate.

Nice hike. If you haven't been up it...GO!! You're totally missing out on some amazing views!


Andrea said...

Oh I haven't done that one for a few years! Need too! Glad you had fun!!!

Domestic Goddess and her Hero said...

We did that hike when Girl#1 was 4 and Girl #2 was being packed around. It was fun and beautiful and we did the whole trail from 22nd st. to ogden canyon. It was super fun. Loved it.