Friday, July 23, 2010

Ellyse's friend party

Happy 6th! Welcome to the Chaos!!

We had a Princess and the Frog themed friend party for Ellyse's 6th bday this year. They played in a kiddie pool in the back yard, went down a cool slide thingy - much thanks to Mammy - opened gifts, played games, and handed out gummy frog's with a Tiana ring attached.

Plenty of little helpers. :)

In between all this madness, we managed to play the classic game leap frog and the last leap was into the "pond" (kiddie pool). We also played Tiana's restaurant relay where the girls had to work in teams to hold trays of play food and run back and forth the fastest. They had a blast but my little 6 year old had a bit of a problem realizing that she can't always be first. EVEN on her birthday.

Where's the cake you ask? We he ell... let me just tell you. I made two cakes for E's family party and let them cool on the stove whilst I helped out at young women's. I came home to find that Allie, AKA The Destructor, had herself a little snack. With her hands. So, we scrapped that one and had to make another one.

THHHHHHHEEEEEENNNNN, I wasn't going to make another cake so I purchased some pre- made cupcakes from the store for her friends party. I again left them on the counter while I attended to Ellyse. Allie grabs the entire package of cupcakes and brings them to me to show me how fabulous they are and in turn starts to lose her grip on them. They slid and slid and slid till EVERY. SINGLE. CUPCAKE frosting was mauled and mangled.


Big breath in.

Okay Allie, let's count the score here. Cake v. Allie = Winner, Allie Cupcakes v. Allie = again, she takes the cake. ha, ha.

Hoo boy, I tell ya, we had NO IDEA what we were getting ourselves into when we ordered her.

In all seriousness though, I love both these girls with all my heart, no matter what fiasco we're currently going through and am soooo glad to have them in our lives!! Cake or no cake, they rock!

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