Friday, May 7, 2010

It's great to be three!

Yep. She's 3! Still as stubborn as a mule but as cute as a bug!
She got to open her gifts in the morning from us and it took FOREVER to open and unhook all the toys from their boxes. What's the deal with that anyway? It also took a very long time to put together all the little pieces to this Barbie birthday party thingy. Oh the things we go through. Do you see the red trike in the back? Thanks!
Check out her tongue. It's so cute, she's got this obsession with it lately, she's always playing with it and sticking it out and around and all over the place.
Such cute girlies!
At her party that evening, she received some clothes from several people and it was funny, she'd gasp and smile, give them big ol "loves," and then....
hand them to daddy. On to the next gift please.
Here's the cake that I forgot to get a photo of until after I told the kids they could have the dum dum suckers out of the cake corners. I put three suckers together and put the sticks in gummy lifesaver rings and stuck them in the corners.

Dear Allie: You and your sister are truely the highlights of our lives. I love that you know what you want and fight to the death to get it. I believe this will prove to be such a valuable tool- that will need to be tweeked a bit- in your life! You are so funny and say the cutest things! I wish I could capture your face when you talk sometimes because your facial expression are priceless. You love to play with your sister and you two get along beautifully, for the most part. You also love to push things around, be it a stroller, a lawnmower, a wagon, or anything that rolls basically. You fuss and fuss when it comes to naps but when I agree to read you a story before nap time you cuddle up and succomb to my way of thinking. I have always loved to cuddle with you and love that you love to cuddle with me! It's funny because you love to proudly announce when you've tooted, even it was just a "tiny one." :) You make us laugh all the time and we are so glad you have been given to us to raise! You are so beautiful, funny, loving, and fiesty all rolled together to make you-you and for that we are grateful! We love you soo much! Happy birthday Bubbas!

FYI, if you care, I used two boxes of cake mix and put the mixes in the cookie sheet and it turned out just fine and didn't bubble over in the oven.


Domestic Goddess and her Hero said...

She is cute! It's good to have a birthday and that cute. The cake looks yummy!

Andrea said...

Oh she's darling! Oh how they grow!!! Beautiful girls Jewels!

Lisa said...

Do you remember when you were about 4 weeks away from giving birth and you got food poisoning at my daughter's blessing??? LOL! And now she is 3-my how time flies after having food poisoning.

Heather, Dan, and Family said...

She is so beautiful! Happy Birthday Allie! I can't believe she is that big!