Monday, May 10, 2010

A bit of a 180

Rewind about 4 weeks.
The Wood's took us and the girls down to SLC to eat some yummy italian food at Buca di beppo and to see the IMAX movie at the planatarium about the Hubble Telescope. (Allie totally put her hands up to "feel the stars" as they were coming out at us in 3D. ) We had a great time and on the way to and from SL we saw the Bountiful Temple up on the hill from the freeway. We told the girls that was where mommy and daddy got married. Ellyse was really super excited to see it up close and kept asking when we could go see it.

Fast forward a few weeks.
We get invited to a viking wedding. It was. . .interesting and verrrrrryyyy different from any idea of what a wedding looks like in our girls' mind's. (Keep in mind most are from some sort of Disney movie.) They really didn't understand why we were watching these people do what they were doing. I just had to keep telling them to be quiet, we were at a wedding, and to be respectful. That was in the afternoon. That evening was open so we decided that night would be a perfect one to fulfill Ellyse's request to see the temple up close.
I guess there was something on the lense of this photo. Sorry. The lighting was perfect and I wish my camera batteries didn't die after 4 pictures, but alas.
The girls ran here and there around the temple and absolutely loved the waterfall. Their smiles rarely stopped while there and they were overly happy just to be around the temple It was a good learning opportunity for them. . . .and us.
Loved the grounds of the temple! So beautiful! As usual.

Darn batteries.

ps. Looking for great italian food? Check out Buca di beppo. YUM! I had never eaten there before and it T.O.T.A.L.L.Y. beats the competition!

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Andrea said...

I wish you had gotten picts of the viking wedding too. Sounds interesting!! How sweet for your girls to get to see where you were married!!