Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday, Monday..

So, I guess I need to post more about running and teaching interviews because I got a lot of comments on my last post. I LOVE GETTING COMMENTS ON THE BLOG! It makes me feel special. Did I really just type that? Yes sirree.

I can't do too much about the interviews but tomorrow I'm scheduling an appointment with my treadmill. My goal is to work up to running more than 2 miles before taking a break this time. Thanks for all the support! I really love comments so, comment away people.

Hey guess what else? Well, my weight is totally wierd right now because of the medicine I'm on buuut, from last Monday to today, I lost 3 lb.'s. Word of caution though, it could seriously be all water. That's a silly side effect of the medicine but hopefully, it's just plain hard work. I totally didn't do well yesterday though. Here's to this week.

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Andrea said...

You can do it! I wish I was better at running ~ it's just rough sometimes.... :)
Loved seeing you! Have you seen the creek in the commons area lately? Lovely!!! It makes me think about little us. What fun!!