Monday, March 8, 2010

Kudos Mr. Burton!!!

Okay. So. I've been bamboozled. I'm smitten. I remember not liking this version of Alice when I saw it as a kid. Like, not-ever-really-caring-if-i-see-it-again kind of not liking this version. but yet when I heard about this version, I was very curious. We were able to see it over the weekend and I'm so so glad we did! I LOVED it!! I may just be the only one who does but nonetheless, I'm smitten. Like, crazy-weird loved it. I suggest giving it a try. I think I may have found a favorite. I liked the queen of hearts the best. (She was the best queen EVER, as Ellyse would say. E's been using this sentence in mass quantities lately) The queen and I share a common bond. We both really really like black, red, and white a lot. Plus ahem, we like to boss people around a lot too.
p.s. I think a big part of it is Mr. Depp, I have a slight crush.

It even sparked a nod for me to actually read the book. Now, THAT'S saying a lot for this movie!


Lisa said...

Would you recommend a five year old to see it? My daughter is dieing (sp?) to see it.

Andrea said...

Oh! I have yet to see it and am so excited! Who DOESN'T have a crush on Johnny? Rowrrr!