Friday, September 11, 2009

What the ???????

Sooooo.. I'm worried. It's been only the last two days but still, it seems so weird. I wondered if any of you have any advice and or experience with this. Ellyse has been waking up at 5 AM. On her own. She doesn't fall back asleep. She just sort of lays on the couch or watches TV. I ask her if she's tired and she says no. She says she can't sleep. I've asked her if she's worried about something and she says her jackets remind her of monsters. I guess I should try moving the jackets hanging on her pegs in her room. I'll try that tonight. But, I'm at a loss.

She's freakishly quiet too and I'm afraid one day I might mistake her for an intruder or something. Not the bigger problem... the bigger problem is what in heck is she doing up at 5 AM, not being tired. She still goes to bed at the normal time and yet is up 2 hours earlier than usual.

I personally think it may have something to do with her stuffy nose and or cold. Or I think it could be that she just started something BIG (Kindergarten) and changes are not always easy.

Any ideas?

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jenny said...

did she change any eating habits? Or maybe introduce a new food or brand of an item that could be upsetting her system and disrupting her sleep pattern? Or maybe she is OUT of a growth pattern and not needing so much sleep? Does she get the same exercise as she did before school started, maybe sitting in class makes her rested? Has her bedtime or bedtime routine changed? Ella is six and used to nap everyday until about 3 months ago now she sleeps mostly in a 10 hour block and only naps on days when she doesn't get that big of a block. As they get older they do sleep less. Just some thoughts