Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sitting here..being lazy.

On Tuesdays, I usually go up to my mom's and clean her house with my girls. It gives me a chance to have some alone cleaning therapy time as well as a chance for my girls to spend some time playing with grandma C. I want them to have a great relationship with her as she is not always home so often. I cherish these Tuesdays so much. My mom is amazing and I want my kids to learn that for themselves.

Well, so as an example of how wonderful she is, she fancied my request for them to stay overnight last night. I usually babysit on Wednesdays and the girls I babysit are not in town right now so it was a rare occasion when E won't have school or friends coming over to play.

When I told E about the sleep over, she COULD NOT get her overnight bag out of the closet fast enough. Give you an idea of how well grandma treats them? As I was doing my hair, E even brought me clothes that she could wear the next day. She even asked how many days she could stay there. Two days Ellyse. Only two days? But do I get to stay two nights? No, one's quite enough for dear old granny. But you said two days mom. Yes, two days. Today and tomorrow. Two days? but you can't pick me up until late tomorrow then.

Should I be worried that she's trying to get away from us?

So, here I am lounging in bed on a Wednesday morning at 10 AM. Yep. You can stop drooling now. Yesterday afternoon, I even got to go shopping without children in toe. I know, now you want to throw something at me. We even got to go see a dear friend of mine's wedding reception. Sadly, I forgot my camera but she looked amazing and it was wonderful to see such familiar faces at the reception!

It's amazing how quickly you miss your children when they're not pestering you every minute for something.

Thanks to my madre for her love and support and help with the chillins.

I'd better get off my rear and get something productive done with all this time on my hands. Oh, the possibilities! I'm thinking about detoxing the toy room. I wonder if E might never want to stay overnight again.


LeLe said...

Oh yes sir-ee I am jealous!!! You deserve it though! And what a wonderful daughter your mother has in you to help her with her cleaning while she gets to soak up your lil ones.

Btw, if you are still thinking about doing a party, call or text me. I don't have your number, but here is mine 801-603-7696. :)

Andrea said...

MMmmmmmm! What a lovely treat! I hope you didn't do anything productive! Sometimes it's so good just to swing away in a hammock and read or.... anything else that could be viewed as lazy. Love you!