Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Palmolive ECO + phosphate free autmatic dishwahing gel is the culprit. I can not believe what's happened to our pots, some of our plastics, and some silverware. I just barely switched to this stuff and so I'm pretty sure that this is the culprit. My mother-in-law has also tried this stuff and said that the same thing happened to some of her dishes as well. In this photo, the pot on the right is the "cleaned" pot. The one on the left is the one that was affected by the same liquid and I scrubbed and scrubbed with Soft Scrub and lots of elbow grease to get it looking like it does. I'm thinking I need to get in touch with Palmolive and let them know.


Prince Wah said...

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LeLe said...

OMGosh!! That is terrible! I'm so sorry! Send Palmolive the pictures. Who knows, maybe you'll get a new set of pots out of the deal! ;)