Friday, July 17, 2009

Salt Lake City Fling

This last weekend we were fortunate enough to head up to Solitude resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon and stay two nights with the Wood's. I'm telling you right now, YOU NEED TO DRIVE UP THAT CANYON! Utah's never looked as pretty as in that Canyon. I'm not kidding either.
We all got together on Friday and used our Connect passes (which are on sale in July btw! 2 days for price of 1) and we were able to go to a bunch of different places and museums and shows all for the price of the Connect Passes.
We started out at the Clark Planetarium. We played with their exhibits for a while. Then got to see the IMAX movie "Bugs" in 3D. Um, when you have a 2 year old who's already freaked out about bugs put on 3D glasses and then have a spider fall down on the screen from out of nowhere, you're going to have said 2 year old in your lap refusing to wear the glasses the rest of the movie. I'm just saying.

Then we headed to lunch and then to the Discovery Playhouse. Have you been there? It's amazing! You really should go!
Giddy up. Hey dude!
I even wanted to stay and play with the girls but our other dome show at the planetarium was going to start soon so gma D stayed there and let the girls play while the rest of us saw the show. B and M fell asleep during the feature. Good show.

We then headed to the Utah Museum of Natural History where they had a tarantula and bug exhibit there where you could touch the bugs and get a real up close look at them. Yep. That's Allie standing that close to a bug that big. I don't get her. If the bug is tiny and running around our house, screams a plenty but up close, humongous, and hairy she's all ahhh, look at the bug. They also had a frog exhibit there too, that was cool. This was a cool aquariam you could poke your head through the middle of. Hey! That witch has 3 arms! Frog exhibit.
We saw A LOT of dinosaurs this weekend. This one was pretty impressive.
For dinner we got $10.00 of credit toward the Lion House Pantry with our connect passes and so we went there miss A had a major breakdown. Why is it with feeding the kids, I get the most inpatient?

That night we headed up the canyon, as mentioned before B.E.A.UTIFUL!These are the views from our room. Yes, that's grass on top of the roof. Needs a good mow if you ask J.The resort was amazing and they had a heated swimming pool with a slide too! That's where we spent the rest of our night. Funnest time in a pool in a very long time!
Saturday, had brunch up there and then headed to Thanksgiving point to the gardens. Wow. Worth seeing, when you don't have kids in toe. We high tailed it out of there cause the kids weren't having it and the heat was a bit much. We headed to the Dinosaur Museum.Yes, ALL these admission prices were waived because we had the Utah Connect passes. Look into it. The kids liked the digging part of the museum. That's about it.
From there we headed to the Living Planet Aquarium and THAT was cool! I really enjoyed that place a lot. Especially the Parrots in their show thing that was there. Can't remember the name of it right now. Way neat though!
For dinner we ate at this place called "The Philadelphian." The sandwich was good but I'm seriously surprised none of us threw up after eating there. It was the most unsanitary place I've EVER eaten at before. It was awfully dirty and ran by big huge men that used their bare hands to handle the meat. LOVELY. But, like I said, the sandwich was really good.
That night we played games and ate yummy treats in the hotel room, always one of my favorite past times of our vacations!
Sunday, we were able to swim a bit and then take a beautiful hike from Silver Lake to Lake Solitude and man, it was so nice. I swear I'm going back up there as soon as is plausible. I loved that area up there. It's just plain gorgeous. Fun Fun weekend! Even if Allie did get really sick afterwards. May be it was that "Philadelphian" sandwich coming back to haunt us. Poor chica!
Thanks soooooo much Wood's! Fun Fun weekend!

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