Thursday, July 9, 2009

Literally, a little too literal...

For family home evening this week, we decided that we'd discuss the timeless story of Noah's Ark in honor of our little trip we're taking this weekend where we'll see a mock Noah's Ark.

J and I navigated through the story and J remembered to bring up that the flood came because the people living on the Earth at the time were wicked. When E asked what wicked meant, we let her know in basic terms, it's when people do bad things and don't keep the commandments of God; and went on with the lesson.

Tuesday, my sister and I decided to head to the Splash pad in S. Ogden. After we got sufficiently splashed, we headed home and I happened to have "The Incredibles" playing in the van. All the sudden E shouted out, from over the noise of her headphones that the little boy on 'The Incredibles' called the Incredibles 'totally wicked.'

Had to chuckle a bit and then come up with a clever way to introduce her to American Slang.

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