Thursday, June 11, 2009

Are these not the sexiest things you've ever seen?

My heart skips a beat, my heels lift off the ground, and I get twitters in my tummy when I see these guys arrive and show off their skills....Air show was AWESOME!! Even A and E were impressed. That's my girls!

It's a good thing J understands my love affair with planes cuz I mean c'mon ladies, don't you see it?

And these...'Are you kidding me?'

The C-17 literally looked like a whale in the sky when it took off. I wish there were an actual human standing next to this photo because you can not believe the size of this thing. It's amazing that we have the power available to get it down the runway; let alone get it up in the sky, carrying cargo to boot.

Most photo's courtesy of this dude. Props man!

Someday, people. Someday!

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