Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ready or not, here I come...

Tonight E convinced me to play hide and seek with her and Allie. I honestly forgot how much I loved this game growing up. It was one of my all-time favorites! I found it just as much fun tonight. E has gotten to an age where she gets it and will chose pretty good hiding places. A on the other hand, just kept ratting out all my good hiding spots. I finally figured out that I had to hurry and hide A and then find me a good spot too, in a 20 second time span.
When I was a kid, I don't know what it was about that game that made me need to pee, but EVERY single time I played, in the midst of hiding, I'd all the sudden need to pee THAT second. I remember holding it so many times while I was in great hiding spots. So, guess who had to go to the bathroom tonight while we were playing? Nope, not me. Ellyse. I guess she got that from me. :)
I noticed a few things that made the game so much fun and I wanted to record them. When I was first taking Allie with me into our hiding spots (we were a team) I kept shushing her and telling her to be quiet. Anyone who knows A, knows that no one tells her what to do. She kept whining a little bit and then sooner or later she'd shush me. THAT was darling! I tried to illustrate that on the video above but as you can tell, A's more interested in the camera than in being in the shot. Sorry.

Our rules involved hiding upstairs only, and evertime E would hide in a room with a door, she'd shut it. Cute. She only thought it was extra protection against being seen. But we always just knew which room she was in.

Allie also did something else super cute and that was when she and I were counting she'd go up against the wall and put her elbows up on the wall and put her hands over her eyes and face the wall and count one, tue, phree.

Fun time with my girls. I'm super glad E convinced me to play.

Love you girls!

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