Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Littlest Angel Allie...turns 2!

Happy birthday to our little angel Allie. Readers of this blog may be wondering what I'm on while publicly admitting that Allie's an angel. She's had her way and fought tooth and nail for her way up to this point in time but you know what? I love that about her. However,I was surprised to see her crawling up in a chair recently to "read" a book in the corner by herself and not run around with sissy. Just sitting over there reading away while others passed her by, content be a sweet little quiet nerd. She really likes to read books and she's really great at pointing out things when asked where they are in the books. She also loves her "Mitty!" It's a pink blankie that has turned from a not really necesary item in Allie's life to her entire life revolving around this thing. Sissy has a blanket called the "blue Mitty" and so in turn, Allie's is her Mitty. She's always loved blankets and cuddling. That's my favorite thing about her right now is that she'll come and cuddle still and I know that that is a thing that flees quickly and so I'll take it while it's being offered. I'm so excited that it's her birthday today. I just love this kid to death. We are so grateful for her in our lives and want her to know that she's an incredibly special and funny kiddo. Happy birthday goober!

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