Monday, February 23, 2009

For memories sake

Things that I’ve accomplished in my 28th year

Served as Primary 2nd Counselor and Primary teacher
Got in my first real major accident
Found Phyllo dough and frozen egg noodles in the frozen food section of Wal-Mart. Believe me, this IS an accomplishment! A big one at that!
Traveled to Vegas, San Diego, and camped in the mountains near Bear Lake.
Celebrated A’s 1st b-day and E’s 4th b-day and J’s ma*$)th b-day.
Fulfilled a lifelong dream of teaching as a dance instructor in a studio.
Learned and taught Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance. Yes, from the 80’s. It’s a total classic.
Went down the path with no return and bought our first minivan.
Turned down a Chevy Trailer blazer and a GMC Envoy or something for a minivan. What?! Gas Mileage and space people.
Shoveled probably more snow than I ever have in one year.
Saw snow piles that were nearly as high as a house.
Went to a really cool Star Party at Snowbasin.
Went to my first live taping of a TV show. Twice.
Rode the FrontRunner for the first time.
Took E for her first ever hike.
Got to see our nephew Colter for the first time.
Got my answer published in Real Simple magazine.
Helped a friend start a business called Ace Satellite Systems.
Saw Kent get engaged. Yay.
Had my hair cut shorter than I’ve ever had it. Except when I was a kid and cut my own hair and ended up having to walk around looking like a boy for several months.
Ate at Thaiphoon for the first time. Happy Year!

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